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Mandela Day: 18-07-1918


Mandela Day: 18-07-1918

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Today marks an historic date in the lives of South Africans and many others around the world. It is the birth date of our Tata Madiba, Nelson Mandela the great! He would have been 100 years today which signifies a great milestone. In November 2009, the United Nations declared Mandela’s birthday (18 July) to be marked as an annual international memorial day to honor his legacy. In summary, Mandela spent 67 years fighting for social justice for South Africans and on this day we are asked to dedicate a minimum of 67 minutes of our time to make a positive impact on the life of another human being. More about Mandela day can be found on the following link https://www.mandeladay.com/

Today I spent my 67 minutes entertaining the beautiful children at the St Joseph’s children’s home located in Montana, Cape Town with my work. This was such an emotional and self-fulfilling experience for me because each child has a unique story yet they are innocent and appreciative. Their laughter and smiles as we entertained them was priceless. All they wanted to do was play and talk about what they loved doing. Things we take for granted they find really  fascinating like going to school and reading a book. I received so much hugs and kisses by these children whom I’ve never met before. Yes, you thought right, I wish I could adopt all those children.

Going forward my message to everyone is to live a life which leads to positive outcomes. Learn to love, give and be appreciative at all times. This will evidently result in nothing but peace.

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