About the blog

‘Yush on the blog’ is a magical place located on the internet where thoughts are expressed, advice is given and inspiration is mandatory. Here you will find a variety of topics which may or may not directly relate to you, but it will definitely keep you entertained. The goal of the blog is to ensure people that being unique is special and that we are all equal. So let’s tear apart those societal expectations and appreciate our lives the way it should be done!

Who is Yush?

My name is Yusriyyah and I am the writer behind the blog posts. People call me “Yush” for short, mainly because it’s easier on the tongue and it sounds very catchy (or I would think). I was born and raised in Cape Town and currently still reside here. No matter what my real age is, I will always be 18.  I am the second eldest out of four children. My personality juggles between middle child syndrome and being the eldest daughter.

Growing up, I remember wanting to be involved in nearly every industry. One day a doctor, the next a journalist, but hey it was worth the dream! I would eagerly do research about every field I explored and try to imitate people I admired in those specific fields. Thank goodness I never went forth with my teaching career, I once compiled a twenty-page examination paper!

I have a fur baby named Mickey. When he was a young and innocent little kitten he looked a lot like mickey mouse which is quite hilarious considering the cat-mouse relationship.  He has one green eye, one blue eye, the furriest tail that I adore and hates cleaning his face.

My daytime job entails managing and assisting on various health related projects for the Department of Health. This has been an amazing experience for me thus far, as I get to interact with many people on all levels and it is a self-rewarding feeling knowing that I can make and have a positive impact on the lives of communities in my province. I never quite envisioned myself doing what I do. It started as a fear of job hunting and an income opportunity to build on my ultimate goal of becoming a Chartered Management Accountant. But along the way I fell in love with it! My heart craves to help and encourage people, hence starting this blog. I am new to the blogging community but confident that it will be an interesting journey.

If I were to sell myself in a hashtag, I would say:  #DynamiteComesInSmallPackages 



[Photo Cred: Kool Aid]

#1: I am addicted to learning (HELP!) I’ve been schooling since the age of four.

Pre-School –> Primary School –> High School –> Bcom Finance and Investments (Graduated :D) –> Bcompt Financial Accounting (Graduated) – Post Grad Management Accounting 😐

As a young adult in the working world I’ve been exposed to many challenges, good and bad, and I’ve come to realise how powerful you could be with knowledge. Knowledge is power, so seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.

#2: I still mourn over the death of my beautiful cat-mate FINKLE. I name literally everything after her just to keep her memory alive. (The initial name of this blog was FurrFinkle lol)

#3: I could literally eat braai ALL DAY! EVERYDAY! I love the woody-fire-grill taste, proper marination and a LOT of strong spice! 😀 #NoSpiceNoLike

#4: If I won a million rand, I’d get my hands on a VW Golf 7 GTI! The sporty-feisty- stylish shape sends a BOOST through my body… you could probably speak car to me for 24 hours and I still wouldn’t know what you the hell you’re on about. 😀

#5: London!  My affair with travel takes me to this destination! Football, cold weather, the accent, the red buses, high ceiling roofs, I could go on and on!

#6: I LOVE laughing. I tend to laugh harder in awkward or serious situations.

#7:  I swim with my head above water (most times). I cannot waste 30 minutes of my life flat ironing my hair. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

#8: I think I suffer from a mild case of OCD, I freak out inside when things aren’t tidy or planned properly.

#9:  The things that calm me the most is Hookah pipe, massages, spicy foods and really deep soulful music.

#10: a singer is not a singer unless you’ve approved their voices by YouTubing their live performances and hear them sing those notes identical (if not better) than on the CD.