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Are you “cool” for the summer?


Are you “cool” for the summer?

…you sure will be, if you are in Cape Town!

Summer has arrived! Goodbye oversized jerseys and warm fuzzy clothes, the time for floral dresses and flip-flops has graced us with its presence again. Birds are chirping louder than ever, people are smiling and glowing again, music is playing everywhere and the smell of braai is back.

Many Capetonians and its visitors spend most their year planning and budgeting for this time of the year not only to celebrate the festive season but to enjoy their time outdoors.  To be honest when I hear December, January or February all I think about is burn, burn and itchy skin. Yes! Unfortunately, I have a skin allergy which restricts my outdoor activities on ALL heated days but I learned a few tricks to avoid being the party-pooper of the clan. As unbearable as it is on some hot days, my FOMO strikes and all I want to do is be close to the ocean. But can you blame me? Have you experienced summer in Cape Town?

There are literally so many things you could do in Cape Town during summer but here is a narrowed list of my favourites:

The beach, the ocean, the bliss

One of the best, easiest and cheapest ways to cool down, is none other than visiting the beautiful beaches surrounding the Cape Town Metropole. If you didn’t know, we are surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, giving you a selection between icy waters and warmer waters. With such a variety to choose from how easy is it to find your perfect spot?

Our infamous beaches include Blaauberg beach, Clifton, Camps Bay, Llandudno beach, Hout bay, Fish hook, Seaforth, Muizenberg and Gordon’s Bay. I missed quite a few but I’ll leave that for you to explore further.

Physically AWESOME

With our days much longer in summer we have ample time to do everything we couldn’t fit into our schedule during winter. Most of the time our plans are cancelled due to the wet weather conditions.  One of my favourite activities to do is to hike. An early morning or late afternoon hike does wonders to the mind, body and soul. Its free, strenuous yet satisfactory and you can take many selfies with the most beautiful backgrounds. Again, due to my skin allergy I prefer to hike in areas surrounded by trees such a Newlands forest, Tokai Forest and Constantia Nek. Most of the time while hiking you can hear water gushing down the multiple water falls. If you are really keen, try doing one of the hiking trails up Table Mountain (You could always catch a ride down with the cable car😉). Remember to pack in a few snacks and make your pit stop a picnic.

Feeling the heat love

Summer makes everyone more lovable and romantic. I always look forward to summer nights where the air is the perfect temperature to take long walks on the Sea Point promenade, visit the V&A Waterfront to enjoy traditional and unique performances, relax at Kirstenbosch Botanical gardens with performances by local artist and watch some classical movies at the Galileo open air cinema. It’s a great feeling to do many indoor activities outside. If you heading to Cape Town to enjoy this summer experience don’t forget to look into doing some of the activities I have mentioned, with your partner.

Eat, eat and repeat

What is a vacation without some fast food, right?! Cape Town is home to a diverse selection of restaurants. You’ll definitely find something with your flavour. As a suggestion, take a stroll down Sea Point main road. Here you will find restaurants trading until late at night (Yep, not only Mcdee’s) and lots of outdoor seats for you to enjoy the beautiful summer nights.

There are much more things to do, so go on and explore 🙂

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