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Boost with these coffee alternatives


Boost with these coffee alternatives

One of my new year resolutions was to quit drinking coffee, specifically in the mornings before work. I would not push my luck by completely removing it from my diet (lol).

Last year, when live became a little too busy, I skipped having my usual morning cup of coffee most mornings as there was no time for that and the weather was quite hot. By 9am, my body would totally shut down (I started work at 7am), not realising at first that my body became dependent on that one cup of coffee each morning to function.  It’s quite sad actually knowing that my body needed a cup of coffee to function at work.

I’ve been doing some research on ways to reduce my coffee intake and I came across some really well researched articles in light of working through the bad habit. It’s great to know that this is a common topic and that many people are out there trying to find coffee alternatives. Here is a list of early morning energy boosters, apart from normal still water, which works for me or rather what I forcefully implemented:

Green Tea

This not so easy to consume drink contain a minimum amount of caffeine. Many people might not love its taste due to its extreme bitterness but it is well-known for its health benefits. Trying to lose weight? This is your bonus drink!

Green Smoothie

There are a variety of delicious green smoothie recipes which more or less contain the same ingredients. This drink boosts your energy especially when you have it in the mornings. It leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle a work day. In an earlier post, I have given an easy recipe for a quick green smoothie – Add ice for extra freshness!

Lemon water

The most basic and precious gift to us all with a slice or two of lemon. This is the easiest source of energy which we so dearly/ dreadfully neglect to use for the proper reasons. To kick start your day try some

Fruit infused Water

Fruit infused water, or rather bedazzled water as I would like to say, offers many health benefits depending on the fruit you used. This drink, like the others listed here, keeps you hydrated and energised for long periods.  All you have to do is add delicious fruit to your water with some ice and bam you’ve just created a health drink.

Apple cider vinegar

This drinking solution is not a favourite to many but it is a taste that I have acquired overtime. If you didn’t know, apple cider vinegar should be a part of your regular grocery list due to its health benefit which most drinks do not offer. It is certainly healthier than coffee, however, please drink this with caution as it   is said that many people cannot consume this due to its side effects.

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