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Dove love with Dove Even Tone Anti-Perspirant


Dove love with Dove Even Tone Anti-Perspirant

A few weeks ago I received the DOVE EVEN TONE ANTIPERSPIRANT FOR SKIN RENEW from my sister who initially received it from #Rubybox for testing. If you know me, you would know that moisturises and beautiful fresh smells are my thing and HELL YEAH I will give those products a try.  I tested the product over a period of four weeks.


The aim of the product is to reduce the appearance of dark embarrassing marks under our arms. The Dove even tone antiperspirant is available in two variants namely, Dove Even Tone Sensitive Skin and Dove Even Tone Renew. Both variants provide you with the same results however its formula’s differ to accommodate for target groups. The product, as a whole, contains a unique combination of moisturising cream and calendula extract which assist with fighting those dark unwanted blemishes caused by harmful products and razors used when removing hair under our arms, within 14 days.


Testing a product with goals like removing dark marks and evening your skin tone is a little too objective. I have not seen any drastic changes over the four weeks that I have tested the Dove Even Tone Antiperspirant. It had a really gentle feel on my skin and never caused any irritation to my skin. The smell is beautiful and bearable however it never kept me dry for 48 hours or even 24 hours. I will still recommend this product to anyone who is looking to purchase a product that promotes lightening of darkness on your underarms. I believe that certain products work well with certain skin types while other skin group require extra time. I purchased another bottle of the antiperspirant in light of achieving improved results (and the period it takes to show the results).

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