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Dream big


Dream big

They say when you dream, dream BIG. Dream the undreamed-of thoughts. Just think for a second about all the man-made inventions surrounding us every day we shamefully take for granted: an aeroplane, cell phone or electricity. Do you ever wonder how people came to invent something? I do all the time, in fact, I wonder so deeply and appreciate their inventions. (But too appreciate that I never had to wreck my brain like that :|)

People are often discouraged by the thought of wishing for the most outrageous things in life. The best ideas are outrageous! We unique, we think differently and do different things… differently. Some might find it weird whilst others might praise your ideas. But know this, there will always be someone, not your mom, out in the world who will value your imagination and share similar thoughts. Could you just imagine how basic and boring our lives would be if we all shared the same thoughts and goals? There would be about 7 billion Yush on the blog bloggers right now. (Sigh!)

Generally, when people speak about dreams, we quickly associate it with career enhancements and working our way to the top. Instead, we should be thinking about all aspects of our lives. You want that Ferrari? Go ahead and keep working towards that goal, and who knows? Life might surprise you in more ways than one.

When I think of this topic I reminisce about my first year at university. I went from failing my first spot test and being placed in the “extra assistance needed” group to being a constant top ten student in my class within weeks. All it took was a goal and change of mindset.

I have to admit, it is a little upsetting to see people just living every day and not reaching for greater things in life, taking advantage of everything in existence and being comfortable with what they have. Unfortunately, there is no formula or guideline to teach anyone how to dream or build an idea. The best we can do is to encourage one another and show support.

Do not limit your vision, we have the ability to think and be innovative.

Always remember:

-Dreams are FUN – it keeps us happy and motivated.


-Be BOLD and CONFIDENT about your vision

-Ensure that your dreams are REALISTIC

-If you fail, try again

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” –C.S. Lewis

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