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Energise your spirit


Energise your spirit

Firstly, let me start off by saying I am happy with my body. I acknowledge that there are many people who are blessed with “beauty” and so-called perfect bodies. This should not discourage the way we feel or perceive ourselves. We are all beautiful.  As I approached my early twenties I gained a few kilograms. This was an obvious transition for the people who knew me very well and I could see this when struggling to fit into my usual clothes. It never bothered me until about four years ago when I realised that I was becoming lethargic. At first, I thought it was my studies and work-related stress as I was exhausted all the time. I continued to live my normal day-to-day life. Looking into the mirror I still saw myself as beautiful, regardless of the weight adjustment. This was the method I used to block out all negativity and to avoid the usual emotions us girls go through.

No one has ever told me to start dieting before, until one day when some irrelevant person basically killed my self-esteem. Since that day I have been searching for solutions to my new profound “problem”.  I have probably tried almost every diet that was suggested to me; from the water diet to the Banting diet [Oh by the way that water diet made me feel as if I was slowly drowning myself LOL]. I ended the diet search and started to focus on energizing myself instead. I am deeply impressed with the recipes and solutions found on the internet but most of it leads to becoming skinny or rather almost anorexic. Most people would probably follow those solutions because society has screwed up our way of thinking.

Stop googling solutions to society’s problems. Instead, build your own method and research the benefits that Mother Nature basically hands to us on a silver platter. I started doing this by starting my day with a glass of water mixed with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and drinking as much water as possible throughout the day. Your health starts with you.

Please share your feel-good programme with me. Thank you guys for all your support and views!

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