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#EvenMore Confident You With Lux


#EvenMore Confident You With Lux

A few days ago I received a few Lux Even Tone Beauty Soaps to review and share with friends. I selected ten friends who were willing to take part in this test. At first, because of the sensitivity of my skin, I was a bit reluctant to endure any side effects but I thought I would go through with this for my sensitive skinned peeps!

What is the Product?

Lux created the Lux Even Tone Beauty Soap with the aim of reducing uneven skin tone faced by many people specifically focused on women, whilst rejuvenating your skin and making you feel confidently beautiful. The soap contains many healthy ingredients such as the infamous FLORAL BEAUTY OIL, as well as VITAMIN B3 extract.

My review

I reviewed the Lux Beauty Soap for two weeks and added a few more days to the test as I felt that the review period was a bit short to enjoy everlasting results. The earlier days of the test had a negative twist because It was in the midst of my heightened hay fever and my menstrual period. As soon my skin restored I experienced no side-effects. I absolutely love the white lily and cocoa butter fragrance it leaves on you after your bath, who needs perfume anyway?

Last week I noticed that some of the blemishes I had on my face lightened up quite quickly (as you can see in the picture). I had these really dark blemishes caused by the hay fever. 

Style: The bar is oval shaped, decorated with floral engravings.

Texture: As soon as you wet the beauty bar it quickly creates a soothing creamy foam that is soft on your skin.

Price: Value for money at only R13.99 per soap.  You wouldn’t need to purchase pricy foundations to cover those blemishes.

I would recommend this product if you enjoy that luxury bath experience.

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