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Girls: We’ve arrived


Girls: We’ve arrived

For the past few decades there has been an up-rise amongst women for equality. The equality relates to equal job opportunities, equal rights and of cause equal empowerment to mention but the least. It’s quite sad to see that there is still a huge

presence of male dominance over females throughout the world. I suppose the change won’t happen overnight but soon this struggle will be nothing but a memory. Times are changing and so are people. With the help of technology, the knowledge about women empowerment is spreading rapidly.

Today honours an essential milestone in the lives of many South African women. It is National Women’s Day. On this day back in 1956, thousands of women decided “enough is enough” and marched to the South African Union Buildings situated in Pretoria to protest against “pass laws” introduced during the Apartheid Era.

This public holiday commemorates the issues faced by women in South Africa (and all over the world). EVERYDAY IS A WOMAN’S DAY!  As women we go through many challenges such as, puberty, child-birth, self-image, heartbreak, domestic violence and societal expectations to name a few. On this day let us encourage women to be bold and stand up for their rights in order to combat the everlasting cycle of challenges that women face daily. I have compiled the following list of encouraging vows women should remember:

-I am enough 

-I am powerful and strong

-The only dependence I need is the love from our creator and the air that I -am breathing because I am independent 

-I deserve respect and honest love

-I am beautiful inside and out, make-up is my luxury 

-I am qualified enough to get that job 

-What a man can do, A woman does better


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