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Hello Valentines Day


Hello Valentines Day

With JanuWORRY finally out of our way let’s move along to Verder-worry (further-worry) :’), Kidding.

February is the calm after the storm. Especially for our financial situation. It is a 28-day month (unless of course it’s a leap year), a four-week month and a month filled with romance. Yes, remember that one specific date where everybody re-ignite their love for one another? February 14th.

Many people all around the world celebrate this day with their loved ones. It’s quite difficult to ignore the Valentine’s Day celebrations when it is literally everywhere from social media to shopping malls to people, in general, wearing red. Over the last few years I have noticed that this day is even celebrated at schools – LOL, cute.

There are many opinions about the purpose for this specific day and I, personally, have had my fair share of objections too. I never quite could fathom that people would go out of their way to make their loved ones feel like the gem of the world and the next day everything would go back to normal. That is because the reality of our day to day lives are soo busy that it could become a little difficult to spoil your lovemate every single day. This “silly” day is merely a reminder for us to show some affection which we’ve perhaps neglected the rest of the year.

To help you build up a possible gift list, I have listed some of my favourite online stores which sells really beautiful and attention-grabbing gifts. If you’re lucky, you might catch some specials too.


If NetFlorist should change their name, it would be called the “Ultimate gift guru platform”. They have a variety of gifts suitable for all people with affordable prices. If you are a first time customer, sign up to their email newsletter and received R100 off your first purchase. NetFlorist has a valentine’s day promotion happening up until the 14th February where you will receive a free box of Lindt when you purchase from them. Making that Valentines gift extra special. Enjoy further benefits by using their online gifting guide and receive a further 5% off your order.  


Well, need I say more? Flowers.co.za offers a variety of beautiful flowers for every occasion. We all know a bunch of roses are a womens best friend on Valentines day


Like NetFlorist, Pro-Gift specializes in a variety of unique and gourmet gifts. There are gifts suitable for both men and ladies such as perfumes at decent prices.


Thinking of going all “Willy Wonka” on your loved one? The Sweet Bouquet is your go to online store. Sweet Bouquet offers a variety of chocolaty things like chocolate flowers which in my opinion is a two in one cost saver gift. (lol)

For my single peeps – grabbing some great food and drinks with your friends [WHO YOU LOVE] is still tops! 😉

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