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Heritage month


Heritage month

You’ve probably noticed that your Instagram and twitter is flooded with #heritage, #heritagemonth or my ultimate favourite #rainbownation hashtags…if not you will be around the 24th September. This is because it is heritage month in South Africa.

What are we celebrating?

The 24th September was declared national heritage day since the 24th September 1995. This is the most exciting day for most South Africans simply because it has no specific religious, race or gender-based ties to it. It is a day where everyone can express their cultural diversity. Heritage day is also better known as BRAAI DAY, Yep, loads of braaing all over South Africa. 

My heritage

My cultural beliefs are linked to the Cape Malay culture. When I take a moment to think about it I often associate it with food and a large variety of food if I may add. I am proud of my heritage and would definitely pass it on to my offspring, one day. My culture is all about embracing the beauty of life, turning it into musicals and unity.

So, apart from braaing and celebrating, this is a great day to do some research on other cultures locally to enable a unified and respectable understanding of the beliefs of our neighbours and friends. Quite often we hear non-factual or verified information about cultures and create a dislike towards a certain group of people. Just think about it, how much energy and happiness would our lives have if there were more understanding and less hate. Don’t sit on your bottoms and google these things, use your legs, walk straight to the source and fill your mind with reliable information.  Remember the keywords: #Facts, #Information and #Understanding

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