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This post is quite delayed I would say considering we welcomed the new year two months ago. Nevertheless, there is never a wrong time to create and impose change in one’s life. We wake up energised with the “ready to face the world” mentality but somehow during our day we become demotivated and go to bed hating our lives and vice versa. This is normal since many people go through a cycle of emotions daily… we are human after all.
I am sure many of us set a list of new year resolutions and a couple of days later our motivation fades away. To be honest, I am probably the worst at setting new year resolutions. Each year I aim to get my 18-year-old body back. This is quite hilarious considering I was basically a baby at that age and I am currently faced with the real-life challenges such as financial stress, studies, work stress and the constant self-esteem battles to name a few. It is therefore important to set realistic new year resolutions that would be achievable.
Some of the common resolutions and goals that I have come across include:

• I will change my work ethic, be more positive and try to prioritise my time better
• I am going to register to study and upskill myself
• I am going to lose 10kg’s!
• We are going to Thailand


Looking at the above examples, it is clear to note that those goals are all missing an essential factor…no plan. Whether it is a small plan, it is still a form of direction that can still be altered as we progress. The most common resolution which I can relate to is related to work. Most of the time it is not you who should change but rather your workload. If you ended your previous year stressed and constantly feeling lethargic due to work, something desperately needs to change before you become a working-zombie-robot. Be bold and approach your manager (professionally) to raise awareness about your situation. Present them with a solution (imagine how stress you will be if they demand your work and you have nothing to present ). Many people or victims might look at this as a form of weakness, but it is an indication of boldness! De-stress yourself so that you will be able to find pleasure and become more positive towards the work that you do.
My greatest fear is dying without living a happy and satisfied life. Not all of our dreams come true but living a happy and satisfied life is close to perfect. Refresh your mind, body and soul.

Constantly ask yourself the following:

• Am I happy?
• Am I satisfied?
• If I died tomorrow, would I die knowing that I lived a complete life up until the point of death?

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