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Start shedding the weight this Autumn!


Start shedding the weight this Autumn!

If there were anything that I was really great at doing, it would be PROCRASTINATION.

Yep, especially when it comes to sacrificing things for my wellbeing. The procrastination has gained me nothing but 15kg’s! – Whoop whoop! I decided last month that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! (Again lol)

Searching for motivation and answers on the internet just simply never worked out. There’s always the verification factor such as guaranteed results in the said time span, how long the results will stay intact and what are the side effects of the weight loss products being advertised. I decided to ignore the diets and products being advertised because they required professional input which, honestly, my budget cannot afford right now. Instead, I focused on something which is more do-able like exercise. Walking is an exercise, I do it every day so why not put this lively body to great use and use it to achieve my goals? Well because my lazy persona causes my brain to deny any foreign actions. Imagine what happens when I look at an exercise programme that requires you to do “x” amount of sets per group of exercise… brain meltdown at its finest.    

Let me just be the honest-pooper and break it down for you… THE SHIT IS NOT THAT EASY! As much as you convince yourself at first that it is the right thing to do when you are not truly motivated to do something you will never achieve a 100% success. Let me just clarify that I was not always a couch potato. Sport and fitness were like second nature to me during my younger days until I grew up and adopted the varsity student life.

Enough about the negatives, I acknowledge that I have a problem at hand with my weight and it requires some action. To ease into the whole fitness lifestyle, I’ve developed a March fitness challenge called the MARCH LOADSHEDDING CHALLENGE. I purposefully used the month March in the title because it is the first month of Autumn (South Africa) when the leaves start to fall or in the case the fat and weight.

Feel free to download the digital printable HERE!

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