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The start to your fitness journey


The start to your fitness journey

After throwing away nearly half of the clothes in my closet (because I “grew” up), constantly feeling lethargic and noticing the dehydration of my skin I decided to hop onto the #OperationFixMe train. Living a fast paced lifestyle where my priorities such as university and work takes up almost seventy-five percent of my every day, it forces many other important factors to be neglected. The main factor being my health. The realisation of my health and bodily changes made me quite miserable for a long time. I would often read about other peoples experiences and success stories, research many easy instant result diets and download many 30-day challenges to compensate for my negligence (Okay let’s take a moment to laugh at my attempt to do the 30-day beach body challenge nearly every month).

Being stuck in this routine for a long time and not achieving any satisfactory results I knew that a permanent and long-term change was needed. The idea of basically going green troubled me until one day when I decided enough is enough. My journey began as follows:

1.    Change of mentality: Understanding that a balance was required in my life and there are many delicious substitutes for all the unhealthy foods and drinks. The error in my research previously was that I would try to adopt diets and traits from celebrities who were basically vegetarian all their life.

2.    Seeking professional guidance: Once my mind was set on achieving successful results I then decided to join the company gym. The gym contract entails that I receive a full health assessment with the specialist in the facility. Expecting the worst results (as usual) I was quite impressed with the advice I received. Little habits which I have adapted over the years should just be replaced with healthier options. For example, drinking a coke nearly every day at work could be limited to weekends as a start. (We all have some form of junk food addiction).

Remember my route to recovery cannot be implemented on everyone, we all have our own situations. You too can have yourself assess free of charge at a public facility or via an outreach which focuses on improving the health and wellbeing of society. (I could assist you to find these places in your town if you would like 😊)

3.    The perfect support: Lucky for me my boyfriend happens to be a fitness fanatic who (for years) has been trying to convince me to do some sort of physical exercise. Without judging or breaking my spirit he manages to encourage me each and every day to do better to achieve my goals and jump out of my comfort zone. Find your support group whether it be family, friends or even a kitty. I am routing for you too.

4.    The food sacrifice: This was probably the hardest step for me as I have mentioned before that I totally and completely LOVE coke! It de-stresses me, it makes me feel great and it taste amazing. Understanding the negative effects associated with coke I gradually had to limit my intake. Healthy foods are without really expensive, look at what you love and see how you can substitute it with something healthier at a low cost.

5.    Learn to be patient: They say good things takes time. I am probably the most impatient when it comes to wanting results. Yes, like the average person, I would put in the effort today and tomorrow I would expect a miracle. You might not see any changes to your body or health within the first day, week or month but be patient as your efforts WILL show😊.

Regardless of whether this post might relate to you or not, there are people out there looking for support, direction and a plan of action. Help them out, spread the word, let us fight things such as obesity, anorexia, stress, depression, cholesterol and diabetes to name a few.

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